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 SIVTEK 360° Discharge Separator® which is a unique high capacity and one of the most highly efficient separators. It is revered across the industry for its abundant screening capacity while providing a high-quality finished product.

SIVTEK 360° Discharge Separator® gives optimal filtration results for all types of liquid substances. They are designed to efficiently strain watery applications, as well as highly viscous substances. They are equipped with automatic filters that can eliminate and suspend unwanted particles present in the substance.

Installed with the best industrial liquid filters, SIVTEK 360° Discharge Separator® is uniquely designed in a way that it can discharge oversized particles by rotating the screening material 360 degrees around the periphery of the screen. As the oversized particles of the screening material do not deposit on the periphery of the screen, it considerably enhances the discharge capacity of the machine.

The unique design of the SIVTEK 360° Discharge Separator® makes it one of the best and most efficient industrial liquid filters. The ingenious design of the machine rotates the screening material at a 360° angle, which seamlessly discharges oversized particles. As this inclined screening motion does not allow oversized particles to deposit on the periphery of the screen, it considerably enhances the discharge capacity of the screening process and allows you to fully utilize the capacity of the screening area.

The machine’s design equally discharges particles on the screen, which optimizes the area usage and increases the throughput.

The SIVTEK 360° Discharge Separator comes with three de-blinding add-ons system that allows you to further eases the cleaning process.

With its self-cleaning and de-clogging mechanism, SIVTEK 360 can work for elongated hours, without any interruption and provides the best quality finished product.