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Load Cells


  • The load cells are used to measure force and weight and utilized for various commercial and industrial applications. 
  • The load cells from Accurate Meezan are versatile and offer robust performance.
  • With the advancement in technology, these electromagnetic sensors are now being used in other areas as well be it robotics or medical sector.
  • These accurate and high-precision load cells from Accurate Meezan are engineered with cup and ball arrangements offering maximum protection under impact loading.
  • These scales from Accurate Meezan are best in class with features like corrosion resistant, moisture resistant & are encapsulated from heat /dust offering optimum support in tough environmental conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What are load cells?
It is an electromagnetic sensor that weighs the amount of force or weight on the load cell.

2) What is the function of a load cell?
The load cell converts the force into electrical signals that can be measured.

3) What is a load cell used for?
A load cell is versatile and has multiple applications apart from being used for various commercial and industrial purposes.

4) Does Accurate Meezan provide a Load cell in Oman?
Yes, Accurate Meezan supplies and distributes the Load cell in Oman and across the Middle-East at best rates.