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Waterproof Scales \ Fitbit Bathroom Scales

The term "waterproof" or washdown scales refer to dirt-proof and watertight weight scales that can be used in water, mud dust, as well as other tough conditions. Waterproof scales are the best choice for these environments because they can withstand liquids, water and dust from getting internals and causing damage to them.

There are many who require scales every day. For those who need to determine their weight or count ingredients, there should be a method to obtain a precise measurement. However, not all scales perform well in damp conditions. It is possible to have an unreliable scale that won't perform. However, with these scales that are waterproof and the Fitbit Bathroom Scales, you'll have the precision and features you require and ease you require. They offer many advantages since they don't require large areas of space. They are user-friendly and simple to see.

Why Choose Us?
Accurate Meezan is the largest supplier and distributor of Waterproof Scales in Oman and across the Middle East. Accurate Meezan sells these scales that are waterproof and well-known for their dependability, durability and accuracy. Our digital waterproof scales will alter your thinking about losing weight. We also offer Fitbit Bathroom scales which are waterproof digital scales that have an elastomeric or plastic surface.

We at Accurate Meezan can take bulk orders. If you require a huge quantity of your goods Accuratemeezan will be there to assist.

Each of our scales waterproof comes with the latest technology and is suitable as an attractive addition to our homes. With our waterproof scales that are reliable and Fitbit bathroom scales, you'll be able to easily track the weight of your items or count the ingredients you use.

Accurate Meezan's waterproof scales are available with the Signature Line design that will bring a splash of color to your kitchen and bathroom. With its wide display and its width, the scale's minimalist design is unique and beautiful.


  • SUS304 Stainless Steel Structure.
  • Low Battery indicator.
  • Sleep mode function that auto sleeps is available.
  • Built-in Battery Backup for up to 48 hours of operation.
  • Smooth Plate.
  • Stainless Steel Junction Box.
  • Keypads that are sealed and colour coded.
  • Simple, user-friendly operation.
  • Zero Tracking.
  • Anti-slip adjustable levelling feet.
  • Environmentally safe load cell with IP68 protection.
  • Load cell made of stainless steel.
  • The platform's height is not more than 50 millimeters.
  • Complete stainless steel structure.