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Folding Platform Trolleys

A hand truck, also known as a dolly, is a first-hand lever that comes with a handle to lift and move around and a flat base resting on wheels for carrying loads. The loads to be carried are titled forth, and the hand truck slipped underneath. The objects are then slid on the surface to be carried from one place to another.

Accurate Meezan manufactures Prester trolleys to be employed in warehouses, industries, or railroad stations during the steam locomotive era. Their high flexibility and durability ensure easy storage and long-term usage. The PRESTAR NB 101 hand trolley is a Japanese-made instrument that comes in different sizes and is easy to maintain.

We are the prominent suppliers & manufacturers of hand pallet truck scales in Oman & across the Middle East offering unmatched performance, strength, reliability, flexibility in our hand pallet trucks.

Material Handling Solutions manufactured by Accurate Meezan in Oman are:
Stacker Series, Folding Platform Trolleys, Dock Ramp, Pallet Truck Series, Drum Handling Equipment.

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