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Pallet Trolley Jack Scale

Pallet Trolley scales find usage in warehouse and shipping operations where heavy goods and products to be transported are to be measured on the run. Accurate Meezan manufactures Pallet jack Trolley scales with a capacity of upto 2500 kg that simplifies loading and unloading to weigh heavy objects. The robust turning wheels allow effortless steering even over uneven surfaces. Its ergonomic full-function handle makes the device easy to lift, easy to move and weigh objects simultaneously, making it a machine of widespread use.

Other features worth mentioning are:

1. Excellent readability due to large 46 mm LCD + Backlight allows you to view in any light conditions.
2. Built-In Battery Backup allows standalone operation for upto 72 hours.
3. Low battery warning.
4. Auto sleep/power down function to save battery life.
5. Stabilization indication.
6. Colour-coded and sealed keypad.
7. Environmentally protected load cell – IP68.
8. High tensile alloy steel load cell.
9. Built-in RS232 serial interface.