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Hanging Scales

Hanging scales are lightweight measuring devices that are widely used for overhead weighing and lifting purposes. Due to their simple design and high precision. They are extensively employed in laboratory, medical, automotive, and outdoor weighing applications. Accurate Meezan manufactures Micro die casing aluminium-magnesium alloy housing hanging weight scales. They are lightweight, anti-dust, and anti-magnetic, apart from having a quick-install battery design. These scales come with additional remote control and adaptor that makes these hanging scales popular among its users.

Other standard features of this device include:

1. Super bright five digits Red LED display with 25mm height.
2. 360° swivel shackle & hook.
3. Low voltage alarm and stable weight indication.
4. Divisions and unit conversion switch.

Hanging Scales find various applications ranging from weighing fishing nets or luggage to measuring fruits and vegetables. Industries also make use of these hanging scales for weighing heavy loads owing to their greater bearing tendency. Accurate Meezan manufactures these hanging scales for weighing loads upto 1000kgs that depict Lightweight, anti-dust, and anti-magnetic properties.

Other standard features of our hanging scales are:

1. Micro die casing aluminium-magnesium alloy housing.
2. Lightweight, anti-dust, and anti-magnetic.
3. Quick-install battery design makes it easy to replace the battery.
4. Supplied with additional remote control and adaptor.

Capacities of models available with us are: 150kg, 300kg,500kg and 1000kg