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Test Calibration Weights

Test Calibration Weights are used to check the reading of a weighing scale to ensure it is still precise.  Measurement and calibration play a critical role in our industries, helping us make accurate investments while gaining profits. Measurement is a crucial task in chemical processes as well as in the rendering of products that are then employed for human use. However, due to weather conditions, handling or different environmental factors, often weights suffer derangement.
Regular inspection and testing of weighing instruments are a must and recommended to ensure reliable weighing results over a sustained period. Depending on how often weights are used, they must be recalibrated daily to meet the requirements for reliable measuring, inspection, and test equipment. Based on accuracy and tolerance,  test calibration weights are assigned a class including ASTM, OIML, and NIST.

Test Weights in Oman are perfect for industrial applications ensuring the accurate calibrating of the scales of any size that you use and making sure the work is not hindered and business keeps on moving smoothly. Moreover, test weight is the best option for accuracy and robust performance.

Why AccurateMeezan?
Accurate Meezan is the leading distributor and supplier of top-quality test calibration weight in Oman and across the Middle East at the best prices. Accurate Meezan provides a complete range from calibration weights to certified testing services to ensure your weighing equipment is in good shape and the quality of your products remains high.

Accurate Meezan offers highly precise calibration weights and weight sets with minimal mass values from 1 mg to 1,000 kg, special and test weights, and the accessories required to handle and store weights correctly.

Test Calibration Weights of Accurate Meezan are calibrated by DAC (in Oman) and NABL (in India) approved test laboratories and comply with the International Recommendation of OIML-R111. Therefore, they are suitable for legal and general meteorological applications in research and industries. Accurate Meezan performs calibration weight service by delivering three types of Test Weight units: cast iron test weights, alloy steel, and stainless steel calibration test weights. Cast iron and alloy steel are available in M1, M2, and M3 classes, whereas stainless steel configuration is available in F1, F2 & M1 classes.

We at Accuratemeezan accept orders in bulk. If you need a large number of your products Accuratemeezan is always available to help.