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Cash Counting Machine

If your business requires speed & accuracy than our currency/cash counting machines in Oman is the answer to your problems. Embedded with the latest features & high precision, accurate meezan’s money counting machines like Nigachi & I Vision are helpful in counting the loose notes very swiftly thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the company. Did you know that it takes 2 seconds for a cash counting machine to count 100 notes of the same value? That's not counting time, that's just the time it takes for the machine to process each note. It's hard not to feel uneasy when handling heavy wads of cash. The weight of the money in your pockets is worrisome enough, but what if someone steals it? The cash counting machines can really slow down the process of counting and sorting. And just think about how much time they can save if we had an automated payment system that used different colors for each payment type such as credit card, gift card or just cash. This would eliminate all those problems that we have right now with cash counters and help keep our employees happy with the change.

If your company is minting money because of its successful endeavors, you might be looking for equally efficient gadgets that conform to the values of accountability that you represent. From efficient employees to equally efficient devices, everything needs to be up to date. That’s why you must possess the all-new money counting machine in Oman from Accurate Meezan. Embedded with the latest features & high precision measurement, our gadgets are designed to guarantee accuracy and efficiency to replace human labor with machine effectiveness. Don't be a victim of fake currency! Protect your business from counterfeiters with the latest cash counting machine from Accurate Meezan. In today's world, it's likely that you will run into counterfeit money at some point. Whether it's as a customer or as a business owner, counterfeiting is an issue that needs to be tackled head-on.

Our cash counting machine models, especially Nigachi & I Vision, help count the loose notes very swiftly, reducing human labour that can be concentrated elsewhere.

Models available at Accurate Meezan like NIGACHI NC-600, NIGACHI NC-9500, NIGACHI NC-7070, I-VISION. Share some common features as:

1. A counting speed from 800-2000pcs/min.
2. Counter display: 4 digits.
3. Batch display: 3 digits.
4. Hopper capacity: 200pcs.
5. Stacker capacity: 200pcs.
6. Power supply AC120V, 60Hz / AC230V, 50Hz.
7. Power consumption: 75W.
8. Net weight 7-7.5kg.

Stop worrying about counterfeit notes and get an Accurate Meezan cash counting machine today. Whether you're a retailer, a bank, or simply use cash at home, our machine is the perfect choice for you. With our fast and accurate counting technology, you don't need to worry about counterfeit notes anymore. Say goodbye to hours of sorting through your money - just set the machine, scan the notes, and go on with your day.