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The crux of the Sivtek Tumbler Screen’s high functionality lies in its acute design. It provides a 3-dimensional elliptical motion which allows the machine to set radial and tangential inclination. While the radial inclination allows the screening material to travel from the centre to outwards, the tangential inclination makes the screening material move in a circular motion.

This intuitive motion of the machine allows the fine particles to pass through the centre of the screens and pushes coarse particles to the periphery, which can be discharged as per your requirements.

The way our Tumbler Sivtek works is that the screening material is continuously fed into the centre of the top screen, from where it spreads out evenly to the outside across the entire screening surface. As the materials move in a circular motion, the finer particles pass through the centre of the screen and the coarse particles are pushed to the periphery. All the separated fractions are discharged through the lateral outlets.



Highly Efficient & Accurate

The elliptical movement of the machine creates a three-dimensional tumbling motion which increases efficiency by 99% and provides accurate gradation.



The SIVTEK Tumbler Screen® works at 3-4 times lesser acceleration in comparison to any other vibrating separators, which preserves the tumbler screens for a long time.


Less Manpower Required

With the streamlined screening process of the Tumbler Screen, you need not employ a huge workforce to operate the machine.

The simple yet convenient design of our Tumbler Screen increases efficiency and provides economical outcomes. The compact structure of the machine occupies less space and manpower, which reasonably cuts your maintenance costs. The gyro sieves on the machine can easily be disassembled, which makes it easier to clean.

Furthermore, this amazing vibro screen is meticulously designed to deliver optimal efficiency, regardless of the qualities of the material. Its capability to process high bulk density products makes it an ideal screening machine for foods & beverages, minerals & metallurgy, plastic, and chemical industries. It can provide the highest level of gradation for low bulk density products like granules and talc powder.

While dealing with highly sensitive products pertaining to the food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, we understand the need to keep our products at the highest standards and safety. Our tumbler screeners adhere to GMP & FDA guidelines and provide extremely smooth surface & cervix-free joints for efficiency.

Our products are available in a wide range of sizes and diameters. While our products are built with standard mild steel, our customization services can also provide you with these products on 304, 316, and 316L grades of stainless steel.