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The Super Sivtek® Separator is a high-powered vibrating sieving machine that can generate up to 3 times more vibration in comparison to any conventional sieving machine. With its wide range of high-powered functionalities, Super Sivtek® provides higher throughput of ultra-fine mesh with every round.

This vibratory sieve provides finesse and accuracy which can precisely separate up to 5 levels of particle gradations in one single operation. Its circular vibratory screen has a capacity of sieving up to 500 units without experiencing a breakdown. Moreover, with the compact size of the machine and high-capacity vibrations, Super Sivtek® is one of the most ideal industrial sieving machines that can help you make your process more efficient.

With its adjustable motor weights and seamless rotating angles, the sieving machine offers a powerful motor that can generate high-force vibrations. Along with that, the meticulously designed high-intensity vibrating screen separator helps the sieving machines perform even the most challenging sieving effortlessly. Super Sivtek® also has a strong bearing housing, which has mounted motors on the side that work on the principle of bet and pully mechanism.

These finely manufactured and polished vibro energy separators are made with high-quality SS 304 & 316L steel. Depending on the wide range of requirements of diverse industries, the Super Sivtek® separator is also available in different finishes, like mirror, paint, brush, & bid blast.

The Super SIVTEK® separator is suitable for an array of dry and wet applications, including silica, tapioca starch, coffee beans, silver, and copper powder. To cater to the needs of our versatile clientele and the dynamic industry, our vibrating sieving machines also come in an array of size options.

Galaxy Sivtek is one of the world’s largest sieving machine manufacturers who believe in providing our clients with the best quality sieving machines. Our products are highly revered for producing high-level vibrations. Our sieving machines ensure a high level of hygiene and safety which are certified by CGMP and the FDA.