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Introducing a newly designed centrifugal sifter to enhance the screening process, Galaxy Sivtek announces the launch of its latest product, the Pneumatic Roto Sifter.

Combining the best qualities of our pneumatic machines with the robust design of Sivtek Roto Sifters, our newly developed Pneumatic Roto Sifter exceeds the limits set by its predecessors. It is proficient in de-agglomerating and screening materials in-line with the help of its dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems. This innovative approach is so efficient, that it eliminates the need for cyclone separators and rotary airlocks.


Pneumatic Roto Sifter is highly efficient in screening materials at negative pressures of up to 14” (356 mm) vacuum. The fine mesh screen on the sifter provides a wide range, as the size of the holes span from 0.6 to 10 mm.

In order to make the machine more customizable for our clients, we also provide 3 screen options – Steel Mesh, Wedge Wire, & Perforated Plate. These fine screen meshes help you get the desired fine result and help you adapt the machine according to your screening requirements.

1. It provides higher efficiency in screening materials and accelerates the performance of your entire processing system.
2. It ensures the optimal protection of your raw materials and has been certified by CGMP and the FDA.
3. Galaxy Sivtek’s easy toggle clamps make it incredibly efficient and easy to change any part of the machine and calibrate it according to your requirements.
4. Keeping the noise level below 75DB, the Pneumatic Roto Sifter is quieter in comparison to any conventional Vibro or gyro sifter.
5. The quick and easy toggle clamps also make the machine incredibly easy to clean and maintain.
6. In order to make it easier for you to incorporate the high-functioning Pneumatic Roto Sifter into your already existing processing line, we have made it exceptionally easy to operate and install.

These attributes make this innovative pneumatic machine ideal for a wide range of gravity feed applications. It has proven to provide exceptional results in removing fine and minute foreign contaminants, scalping oversized particles, classifying and segregating raw materials, deagglomerating dense lumps, and de-dusting raw materials. Moreover, it is also proficient at straining liquids that have high viscosity.