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Truck Weigh Bridge - EWB Series

  • Pit Type / Pitless Type / Portable Weigh Bridge
  • Strong, Safe, More Cost Effective
  • Proven Performance
  • Strength By Design
  • Easy Bolt Down Installation
  • Outside Protection
  • Material Of Construction: Mild Steel
  • Specially Designed All Steel Modular Construction.

Truck scale or weighbridge, or railroad weighbridge is a large number of scales that are permanently mounted on a concrete foundation and used to weigh entire rail or road vehicles as well as their contents. This allows you to calculate the vehicle's weight by measuring its empty and loaded weight. Their work requires strength and precision. This eliminates the need to have a full-time operator overseeing the truck's weight.

Accurate Meezan makes electronic weighbridges across Oman and the Middle East. They are built with strength, safety, and dependability. Accurate Meezan's truck weighbridges are made of mild steel and come with an easy bolt-down installation.

We are the leading suppliers and manufacturers of pitless type weighbridges and truck scales across Oman and the Middle East. It is expensive to invest in a weighbridge. But, why sacrifice quality when you can get the best at the same prices? Eagle from Accurate Meezan, is the best place to start your research about the brand. Accurate Meezan pitless type weighbridge is unparalleled in terms of performance, strength and reliability.

Characteristic features of our truck weigh bridges are:

  • Pit Type / Pitless Type / Portable Weighbridge.

  • Strong, Safe, More Cost-Effective.

  • Proven Performance.

  • Strength By Design.

  • Outside Protection.

  • Specially Designed All Steel Modular Construction.

Sr No Model Capacity Resolution
1 EWB – 6 x 3 30 ton x 5 kg 6 mtr x 3 mtr
2 EWB – 12 x 3 60 ton x 10 kg 12 mtr x 3 mtr
3 EWB – 18 x 3 80 / 100 ton x 20 kg 18 mtr x 3 mtr