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Health & Fitness Scale - MDW Series Fit Bit Scale

  • BMI-Body mass index
  • Wheels to allow easy movement
  • Enhanced Height rod as standard (measures up to 60-212 cm)
  • Robust metal housing
  • Anti-slip platform
  • Large red LED display
  • Color coded, sealed keypad
  • External calibration
  • Hold function
  • Full range tare
  • DC Adapter
  • Overload protection
  • Rechargeable battery / mains adapter supplied as standard
  • 2 weighing units (kg, lb)
  • Precision load cell technology
  • Simple user-friendly operation
  • RS-232 interface

The MDW series fit bit scales by Accurate Meezan is Digital Health and Fitness Scales equipped with Body Mass Index readings. This Fit Bit scale is made to measure the weight and height of an individual. MDW's Fit Bit weight scale ranges are suitable for numerous sporting and medical purposes like gyms as well as doctors' offices and hospitals.

They are built with a durable design and construction , with metal bases and a non-slip weighing platforms. MDW Fit Bit scales weigh body fat that come with built-in batteries and a keypads that are color coded, which is easy to use and also.

The most notable characteristics of the Two models MDW 250L and 300L (Digital) are:

1. Large & Clear LED display.
2. Keypad Sealed.
3. Hold Function.
4. Adapter/Rechargeable Battery Power.
5. Robust paint mild steel foundation.
6. Weighing in kilograms and pounds.
7. Height rod that can be adjusted (measures from 210cm to 220cm).
8. Height rod with enhanced height (MDW 300L models only).
9. BMI is a measure of body mass index (MDW 300L only model).
10.Wheels to make it easy to move (MDW 300L only model).
11.RS-232 Interface (MDW 300L model only).

Weight percentage bone mass, and much other measurements are all there for you to check out using Accurate Meezan's display of digital numbers. The precise measurement is made every time with our extremely precise load cells which measure your foot's weight Your weight will be instantly displayed on the display.

Do not waste your time guessing or using inaccurate scales - Accurate Meezan is the best method to determine your weight. You're busy? We're also busy, which is our goal to help make your life easier by offering accurate weight measurements anytime any time, wherever. You can get a customized analysis using our weight and height chart. No equipment is needed! Purchase a brand-new weight tracker to remain in the forefront of your fitness goals.

Accurate Meezan is a business that is focused on accuracy. With over a decade of expertise and experience We're proud of having been one of the first company to introduce the scale of height-to-weight ratio to Oman.

Our scales provide instant results, meaning you can make healthy decisions about your weight immediately. Accurate Meezan fit bit weight scales feature a step-on design and do not require complex features that can impede users' experience. We offer a range of styles that can work in any office or home.

Sr No Model Capacity Readability Platform Size
1 MDW 300L 300 kg 50 g 375 mm x 275 mm
  • ATP Adam thermal printer
  • RS-232 cable
  • Adam DU data collection program